Jennifer Kahn

Runner's World | January 2012
Julius Achon ran and ran, away from civil war in Uganda all the way to an NCAA title and the Olympics. But on a visit home, when he saw 11 starving orphans huddled under a bus -- well, he wasn't going to run away from that.
Wired | August 2011
Seven shocking experiments that would teach us so much (if they weren't so wrong).
O Magazine | February 2011
Q&A with V. S. Ramachandran, author of The Tell-Tale Brain.
O Magazine | September 2010
Q&A with Melenie Thernstrom, author of The Pain Chronicles.
O Magazine | May 2010
Stem cell research for heart disease.
Wired | November 2009
Modeling human drug trials - without the human.
Women's Health | June 2009
How Norway can teach you to stay slim and healthy for life.
Mother Jones | May 2009
Can we learn to live with (and even love) plastic?
McSweeney's | April 2009
The animal that taught me things and changed lives.
Mother Jones | May 2008
The Smart Grid could fix a big barrier to efficiency - us.
Wired | September 2007
French Anderson was a pioneering gene therapist with a reputation for brilliance. Then he was accused of child molestation. He lost his job, his house, and his freedom.
Wired | May 2007
Wayne Gretzky-style 'field sense' may be teachable.
New York Times | April 2007
A spa that sells a DNA cure.
National Geographic | February 2007
Wired | January 2007
A geeky hot rodder takes on Dakar.
New York Times | October 2006
The race for the cellulite cure.
Outside | August 2006
Why are we still getting murdered by mosquitoes?
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Discover | July 2006
A physicist creates stupefyingly complex paper sculptures.
National Geographic | June 2006
Nano's big future.
Wired | March 2006
How India became the global hot spot for drug trials.
New York Times | October 2005
Discover | October 2005
Nutritional genomics promises to make diets truly personal.
ReadyMade | October 2005
A self-taught perfumer enjoys the sweet smell of success.
Discover | October 2004
Book review: Curious Minds - How A Child Becomes A Scientist.
Wired | October 2004
A proud nerd puts her prefrontal cortex on the line to discover why brain mapping is the new trend spotting (and the hottest trend in brain science).
Harper's | May 2004
From coast to coast, federally funded scientists race to capture CO2.
Wired | April 2004
A self-styled security expert and serial self-promoter, Adrian Lamo made headlines as a grayhat hacker. Then the Gray Lady came down on his head.
ReadyMade | March 2004
The Worst-Case Scenario people are back. Next up: how to survive a broken heart.
Discover | March 2004
Dinosaur mining in the Yukon.
Wired | December 2003
Satellite geek, military fetishist, future king. Make way for the irrepressible cybervisionary of the South Pacific!
Wired | November 2003
Organ transplants are a brutal business. Just ask the donors. Our reporter spends a dark night with the living dead.
Discover | September 2003
Boldly going where no gallery has gone before.
Wired | August 2003
Three scientists who are using the revelations of the human genome project to reshape medicine.
Wired | April 2003
A tesla coil wizard.
Discover | September 2002
The dream of stopping hurricanes.
OnEarth | Summer 2002
The 100th anniversary of the air conditioner.
Wired | May 2002
High-tech lie detection.
Discover | April 2002
Inside the X-files at the University of California at Berkeley, the line between theory and fantasy, science and supposition, starts to dissolve. The authors of these dissertations are obsessed - and scientists are nearly as obsessed with them.
Wired | March 2002
From airport tarmacs to online job banks to medical labs, artificial intelligence is everywhere.
Wired | August 2001
The Human Brain Project is combining wet anatomy with next-gen scanning, imaging, and networking to give neuroscience a revolutionary new tool - the globally accessible online mind.
Harper's | April 1999
Is Monsanto sowing the seeds of change, or destruction?